Meet the Hosts

Christopher Nottingham 

Christopher has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. As he enters the final years of a long career in the military he wonders at the endless possibilities of the future. He also has the pleasure of being with an intelligent, beautiful, loving and supportive wife as well as the honor of assisting in the rearing of an amazing daughter. He also happens to captain an adult kickball team and has a couple of degrees.

Victor Pelino

If Victor’s life were a movie it would definitely be an 80’s buddy cop film. He would be partnered with a by-the-book Detective that washed out of a medical program nicknamed Dr. Pepper.  Victor would rescue the damsel, blow a lot of stuff up unnecessarily, and make terrible soft drink quips. Of course, in the real world, he works as a minion for a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company as a Quality Control Auditor, he drink a lot of Dr. Pepper while waxing philosophical, and frequently find himself as the damsel in distress saved by his supportive wife and intrepid daughter.

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