What is Civil Dissonance?

Civil Dissonance began as two neighbors talking on the front porch about the issues that divide us as a society. This in of itself wasn’t something profound, as this happens frequently all over the world. People discuss these topics amongst each other in various venues and with people of mixed opinions.

What these two friends concluded, in their experience, when certain people are confronted with an opposing view they tend to regurgitate what they have heard from their preferred pundits and have nothing more to add. When this happens one or both parties resort to threats, name calling, or even violence as a result of an ignorance of the topic. They agreed that there is an issue with the way opposing views are presented on main stream media. These views are usually delivered with constant interruptions, shouting, rudeness, and no real content. The viewer is left just as uninformed about the topic as they were before the segment.

The two friends had an idea that would become Civil Dissonance.

  • Present a topic
  • Discuss what they know or believe about the topic.
  • Separately interview guests, in a civil manner, who are knowledgeable of the topic and may have a pro or con stance. Allow them to complete their thoughts and present the facts.
  • Discuss what was learned from the guests.
  • Encourage listeners to have conversations with more knowledge of the topic. 


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